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IT Security for Business Leaders

By not safeguarding your business, you run the risk of losing both your data and your reputation.

Protect your business by attending our cybersecurity webinar. We will introduce you to 5 practical steps to easily implement into your business, minimising the risk of a costly attack.

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As a business leader, you manage a lot of sensitive data on behalf of your clients, and the responsibility to protect your business and the data it holds from cyber criminals falls on you. If your network is compromised, not only does your business risk a pause in trading, resulting in the loss of sales and customers, the finger of blame gets pointed at you for allowing the data to be leaked.

It doesn’t matter how much cyber insurance you carry, if you are responsible for the leakage of confidential information, your reputation will be damaged and your business toast!

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the biggest cybersecurity risks you face, and break down the 5 essential steps you should adopt, to safeguard your business and minimise the risk of a costly cyberattack.

  • NIntroduce 5 steps to protect you and your business.
  • NDiscuss the biggest cyber security risks you face.
  • NLook at how you can cost effectively protect your business.

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5 practical cybersecurity steps to minimise the risk of a costly attack

Sign-up, receive your PDF download, and arm yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to protect your business.

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Our Guest Speaker

Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn

Strategic Advisor

Mark Flynn, our Strategic Advisor and Specialist in IT Solutions, will be sharing with you our 5-step plan to get your business on the road to being cyber secure.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the webinar?

We understand you're busy and short on time, which is why we have designed the webinar to be just 30 minutes long. We do host a Q&A session afterwards, should anyone want more information. However, this is completely optional and you have no obligation to stay online for this.


Why should I attend?

With cyberattacks at an all-time high, the risks to businesses are ever-increasing. Businesses are aware that they need to have online security, but what and how to implement it may not be so easy. This is why we've created a 5-step plan to help.


What do I get?

Along with the knowledge we'll be sharing with you throughout the webinar, we've created a PDF download detailing the steps to take that are easily implemented and could protect you against attack.


We already use an IT services company, why do I need to attend?

If you are happy with your IT company, and absolutely certain that they have your business protected to the level of security your business needs should it be the target of attack, then you may not wish to attend. However, forearmed is forewarned. If you attend our webinar, you will be able to know for certain if the level of service you are currently receiving is good enough.

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Client Testimonials

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Crystal Palace Testimonial Image

It's refreshing to deal with an IT firm that genuinely understands how IRIS works. I feel completely comfortable that all our IT and security requirements are in good hands, allowing me to concentrate on my business.

Moulton Johnson Ltd

ESW Chartered Accoountants Testimonial

We really value Computer Care's Proactive care service. We rely heavily on our IT, and knowing they are constantly checking the performance and reliability of all our IT ensures we have a stable platform. In addition, if things go wrong, they are typically working on them before we contact them!

ESW Chartered Accountants

Alan James Associates Testimonial Image

We have worked with Computer Care for many years using their hosted desktop solution. I'd highly recommend any Accounting firm to work with them.

Alan James Associates

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