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Top Time-Saving Tips for IRIS Users


We’re always looking for ways to help accountants get more out of their software. IRIS is a prime example of a fantastic software solution, but many functionalities are not always used.
Here we are going to look at our IRIS top-tips to utilise its functionality so you can maximise your efficiency and productivity.

1.     Run Interactive Reports
Instead of using standard reports, run interactive reports when generating draft financial statements. This top-tip allows you to make changes such as editing account descriptions, accounting policies and making notes by clicking on the highlighted text. These can all be made direct from the report without having to navigate to the appropriate screen. You can even include new notes by selecting ‘show extended report’. All of which can save a huge amount of time!

2.     Offline Expenses Recording
You can record expenses, even when you’re offline, using RapidFire in IRIS Kashflow. Once you are connected again it will automatically upload your expenses to the cloud. So no more worrying about remembering to do it at a later date!

3.     Expenses Batch Entry
Another expenses time saver! Using RapidFire you can upload your expenses using a ‘batch entry’. This has been provided by IRIS to speed up the data entry process for expenses.

4.     Turn on Companies House Integration and Import Client Records Direct
When creating a new client in your IRIS database, ensure you have their company number ready to enter then go to Settings > General Settings > Extras, then turn on the integration and select Save to finish. You will then have a new Companies House tab, from here you enter their company number by clicking ‘Edit’ in the top left. This will then show key company information and enable you to import their records direct from Companies House into Iris.

5.     Automate jobs through Companies House
Once you have set-up your client with Companies House, all you need to do it turn on the appropriate services which will automatically trigger jobs such as accounts production, corporation tax payment date and confirmation statement jobs. All you need to do is mark the jobs as complete, ready for the following year.

6.     OpenSpace Bundle of Documents
IRIS OpenSpace is the key functionality for users to request approvals of accounts and tax returns, you can now bundle several documents into one PDF for approval. By creating this one document, a client can approve and e-sign the documents all together – not only saving time but ensures you receive everything you need from the client in one go, saving them time too!

7.     Use the Client Dashboard for Fast Info
Using information from IRIS Practice Management, tax and accounts figures, IRIS OpenSpace documents and IRIS KashFLow, the client dashboard allows users to rapidly access client information without having to open multiples modules.

8.     Fixed Asset Integration into Accounts Production
You can easily import the Fixed Asset Register Data into Accounts Production by exporting an .IRF file from the Fixed Asset Register and importing it into Accounts Production. It is worth noting that not all postings required for the fixed assets will be imported. In the majority of cases only Depreciation, Profit/Loss on Sale of Asset will be imported and any balance where ‘Bank’ would have been the double entry is unlikely to be imported – these will need to be posted manually within Accounts Production.

Were there any shortcuts you didn’t know about or haven’t fully utilised?
Let us know in the comments if there are any others you know about that others might find handy!

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