Dec 6, 2022 | Smart Systems

Top 10 Ways to Use Microsoft Power Automate


In today’s world of accelerated change, businesses are under pressure to not only perform, but excel in their field to be a success. Harnessing the power of AI can enable businesses to scale their work using a plethora of systems including data analysis, augmented capabilities and increasing work efficiency through automation.

Automation is particularly brilliant for individuals in workplaces, streamlining tasks to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Not having to complete those repetitive, mundane tasks and business processes every day is the dream, right?

If you haven’t already, meet Microsoft Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) – a fast and secure tool for businesses to access and use easily. Designed to work non-stop behind the scenes using both custom and standard connectors to efficiently automate time-consuming repetitive tasks, so you don’t have to!

Microsoft’s Power Automate is both adaptable and scalable for any business and even offers an app, where you can monitor, manage, and create new workflows – which can be created from scratch or by using a pre-made template, tweaked to work for you.

Microsoft has even introduced an AI-based co-pilot to help build your flow quickly and easily.

Want to know more?

Below, we’ve compiled our top ten capabilities within Power Automate.

  1.  Automatically Save Documents – A simple task like saving documents from e-mails doesn’t seem like it takes much time, but when you do it a lot (think tax-return season) you’d be surprised! By creating a flow, you can have e-mail attachments automatically save into specific folders in your OneDrive or SharePoint. Genius!
  2. Over 300 data sources via public API – With so many apps that have the capability to connect to Power Automate, you could automate almost anything! From Google, to Sage to Teams – the opportunities for automation are (almost) endless.
  3. Process Mining – Since Microsoft acquired Minit, a leader in process mining, earlier this year, they have worked to bring its process mining capabilities to its customers by introducing templates, enabling users to seamlessly drive powerful business process insights straight from their cloud flows in Power Automate.
  4. E-mail Push Notifications – Never miss that important e-mail from a client, or even your boss! Receive push notifications as soon as their message hits your inbox.
  5. Data entry and reporting – By creating new flows, you can both automate new data into a spreadsheet, and export data out of Excel and send it for Named Entity Recognition (NER) – an extremely useful tool when dealing with client data.
  6. Invoice workflow automation – Easily and automatically import invoices straight into your accounting software, avoiding any manual intervention – aside from the usual checks.
  7. Standard letter templates – This easy-to-use process makes sending letters a breeze with secure, customisable, and easy to use templates. Your letters are created automatically, just leaving the blanks for you to complete on a per-client basis.
  8. Client Diary – This tool ensures deadlines are never missed again. The diary can be shared between teams and includes all your client deadlines for each accounting period.
  9. Time and fees system – Using Power App is a simple and easy to use system that tracks your calendar, including your time spent per client and any associated expenses.
  10. Document management – Store all your client documents and emails in a highly secure central vault with Microsoft SharePoint. This ensures anyone in your team can have access, so even if you’re not around, your clients are looked after. Plus, you can streamline your approvals process for critical documents by automating the point where approval is required from specific team members, with notifications being sent directly to them via Teams.

Want to see how Microsoft Power Automate could work for your business, but don’t have the time? Our team of experts can discuss your requirements and help create the automations your business needs to save time.

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