Microsoft Copilot Update – It’s Not Great


In March we celebrated the launch of Microsoft’s latest AI-powered innovation, Microsoft 365 Copilot. At the time, Microsoft had initially launched a preview of the technology to the Fortune 500 as part of the testing process for feedback and improvements.

Microsoft have since announced that they will begin the rollout of Copilot across devices running Home and unmanaged Pro editions of Windows 10 in phases using Controlled Feature Rollout (CFR) technology over the coming months.

We, however, are struggling to find out more about the rollout of Copilot for businesses. There seems to be conflicting information online about the launch and what the technology is able to offer to its users. As a Microsoft partner, we have reached out to Microsoft for more information and guidance on when and what tech will become available. Having received very little back, we’re at a stumbling block, as are many others who have taken to online forums to vent their frustrations.

Microsoft launched their Copilot app in December ’23, in direct competition with ChatGPT. It seems the users of the app aren’t blown away either. With one user bashing the app as “Incredibly buggy and feels unfinished. The AI is pretty bad compared to ChatGPT…Frankly it’s just much more dumb, even though it uses almost (the) same models.”

Another frustrated user states “the ‘only’ issue is that (he) cannot sign in.”

Unsurprisingly, if the news headlines are anything to go by, the “launch” of Copilot hasn’t impacted ChatGPT installs or revenue, in-fact, Copilot offers ChatGPT as an option to use on their app!

If you are already using Copilot, or intend to leverage the software within your business, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic and if and how you’re managing to use Copilot.

Whilst the AI assistant is still being rolled out, whether you’re able to use it or not, now is the time to get your organisation in order with cybersecurity to ensure you’re ready for the next stage, stepping into the AI era safely and smartly.
Why not have an IT health check to assess whether your business is fully secure as we enter the new AI era of tech.

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