Nov 27, 2023

Setting Up FortiToken VPN On A Smartphone


This quick step guide will show you how to setup the FortiToken mobile app on a smart phone.

1.  An email will be sent to you like below from your IT admin which will contain an “Activation Code” that you will need in the instructions below.

2.  Install the FortiToken software on your smartphone. For both the iPhone and Android phones search for FortiToken from the App Store. This is a free download.

3.  Open the app and either select Scan Barcode or Enter Manually. If you choose Scan Barcode scan the barcode in your activation email.

4.  If you are unable to scan the barcode enter the code also shown in your activation email. First tap Fortinet and then enter your work email and the code, then click add account.

5.  Enter your work email and the manual code from the email. When complete, click Add Account.

6.  Confirm there is an authentication code in the FortiToken app. You may need to tap the eyeball icon in order to view the code.

7.  Launch your SSL VPN connection and confirm access

8.  When you sign in to the SSL VPN you will be prompted to enter the FortiToken code each time you connect.



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