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Oct 17, 2022 | Smart Systems

Introducing our Latest Smart Self-Healing Services


We are all about finding new ways to be efficient to save time. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…Saving time saves money. And right now, that would be a fine thing!

Elite Business recently shared ‘Office workers waste more time on slow tech than they spend on holiday’ and ‘A third of UK employees waste at least one hour per week tackling software-related issues’ was shared by Employer News.

It is so important that you do not miss a client deadline due to failing technology – it is frustrating and instantly damages the goodwill you’ve built up and fostered.

For the past 20 years, we’ve been working with accountants, ensuring their systems are secure, GDPR-compliant and working efficiently to ensure updates are completed and issues are fixed promptly.

Slow updates, technical glitches and freezing are tech problems we all know far too well!

We understand the frustration you feel when technology gets in the way of delivering a great service to your clients, so we go that extra mile to ensure updates are completed at a time to suit our clients, providing advice, and working with them to decide when is best to apply the updates.

These IT issues, paired with these articles from Elite Business and Employer News, made us think harder about how we can work with our clients to ensure their IT is more efficient.

Essentially, we have taken our wealth of knowledge built up over two decades and digitised it into what we call our “Smart, Self-Healing Services”.

We have designed this innovative service to monitor your systems 24 hours a day. By doing so, we know which components are likely to imminently fail or slow down, and as soon as there is a business system failure, it will be automatically assigned to one of our engineers, who’ll have instant access to alerts and telemetry that points to what is failing or slowing down. Allowing them to get on the front foot by proactively addressing the problems.

Using this technology, we will not only log and solve problems at high-speed, but often do, so before you’ve even made us aware of a problem, giving you less downtime and more time doing your job!

We know that systems such as Sage and Iris develop excellent accounting software, but are not so good at operating effectively in your environment – on your hardware.

This is where we bridge the gap, making them fly!

Using our smart self-healing technology, we can see exactly what’s happening. So, for example, we’ll be able to pinpoint that the slow performance is caused by your Sage server getting overloaded during those busy periods, just as you need to process those tax returns quickly!

We don’t stop with Sage and Iris either, our self-healing technology can work with any system. We build it to work for you and your business, so no more slow start-ups in the morning, or sudden crashes mid-afternoon (we’re still working on our human self-healing tech!).

Check out these testimonials from two of our accounting customers using our Smart Self-Healing Service.

To find out how our Smart Self-Healing Technology can work for your business, get in touch with our team. Our highly skilled engineers will take the time to get to know your business, your needs and the systems you use, to provide you with the best self-healing solution to keep downtime to a minimum and your team’s capacity focused on the job.


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