Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is a suite of the most popular Microsoft apps and services for business and personal use, provided via a cloud-based subscription service.

Computer Care will manage the installation and updates of Microsoft 365 and can train all your team to make the most of its many features.

Microsoft 365 includes Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and apps for managing your business and organising your teams.

What does this service do for my business?

Improves communication and productivity in a hybrid workplace.

Some of the things you can do with Microsoft 365 include:

• Manage your emails
• Type up written documents in Word
• Create comprehensive spreadsheets in Excel
• Build presentations in PowerPoint
• Organise your business using Business Apps

Why do I need this service?

Seamless integration between apps and services means faster working and tighter security.

Modern business apps need to be accessible from anywhere on any device.

Regular software updates mean improved performance and a more robust defence against bad actors.

Cloud-based Microsoft 365 can be accessed from any connected device, with seamless, secure integration between all the apps and services in the suite and monthly updates bringing continuous improvement in features and security.

How is this service delivered?

Using our cloud services, enables a great level of flexibility and reliability in the way you use IT.

Depending on your subscription option, you can either use the Microsoft 365 suite online or install the apps onto your device.

Your data is stored in the cloud, so the risk of losing crucial information such as emails and documents is much lower than with locally stored files.

And should your device fail to work or go missing, your data can be easily retrieved using another device.

What are the added benefits?

Microsoft 365 uses cloud-powered email to keep you connected from anywhere.

Microsoft 365 provides 1 terabyte of file storage on OneDrive, accessible from multiple devices.

Peace of mind….sorted!



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