Jul 11, 2023 | Smart Systems, Software

Have you accidentally upgraded to Microsoft Windows 11?


Windows 11, the latest flavour of Microsoft’s Ubiquitous Operating System. As tempting as it may be to update, the general advice would be to hold off, at least for the now. We have been testing Windows 11 for a few months and found several glitches and incompatibilities that frustrate with the new OS, so becoming an early adopter may not be as plain sailing as you’d hope.

Following the release of a new operating system, third party vendors often need time to get their software running smoothly.

Not all machines are made equal and with several hardware restrictions in place for Windows 11, it may even be that your computer is not eligible for the upgrade. To check your machine’s eligibility, download and run the “PC Health Check app” found here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/windows-11…

Computers that do meet the necessary requirements could find the upgrade becoming available through the normal monthly ‘Windows Updates.’ This is where the problem lies. Running through your regular computer updates may not produce an expected result. Clicking “Update and Restart” could instead be triggering the Windows 11 upgrade without you realising.

However, there is still hope if you have accidentally upgraded and would like to go back, but act fast! Following suit from Windows 10 updates, Microsoft have included a roll back feature. Any device that has upgraded to Windows 11 in the past 10 days can revert the changes. Inside “Recovery options” (Settings->System->Recovery), the button aptly named “Go back” provides the ability to fall back to Windows 10.

If you have already started the update, we don’t recommend you cancel it as this could leave your PC in an unstable state. Instead, let it complete the upgrade then follow the instructions above to “Go back” to Windows 10.

If you are one of our managed service customers, you do not need to worry – we have disabled the auto-upgrade feature in Windows Update for now – until it is safe to do so.

As always, we are available to assist with whatever situation. If you have accidentally upgraded to Windows 11 and would like to go back to Windows 10, let us know; if the update was in the past 10 days, we can roll this back for you.

Managed to catch the update but would still like to upgrade to Windows 11? Drop us a line; we are more than happy to help. Providing our preliminary checks don’t highlight any significant issues we can perform the in-place upgrade for you.

Give Computer Care a call. We’re always on hand to help with any issues.

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