Aug 25, 2022 | Cybersecurity, Smart Systems

Fortinet – should you consider their UTM for your business?


Have you considered a unified threat management (UTM) for your devices? These capabilities (also known as a Next-Generation Firewall) provide multiple security facets in a single device or service on a network to protect users from numerous threats in a simplified way.

We have thoroughly researched the available solutions and found Fortinet’s UTM to be best suited to the needs of our customers.

With multiple cybersecurity and networking functions on one appliance, simplifying your infrastructure and saving time, Fortinet is a great option for businesses looking for full protection for their devices.

So, what is Fortinet?

Fortinet is the only security leader to develop and build its own custom security processing unit (SPU), offering cybersecurity solutions across complete networks including devices, applications, and data networks.

Fortinet has created a flagship enterprise firewall platform called Fortigate, which is designed to work in environments of all sizes whilst providing a broad array of next-gen security and networking functions.

The platform includes;

  • Broad visibility and protection of the entire digital attack surface to better manage risk
  • Integrated solutions that reduce management complexity and share threat intelligence
  • Automated self-healing networks with Al-driven security for fast and efficient operations

Fortigate is designed to offer businesses complete protection for networks, endpoints, cloud applications and email – essentially it is a one-stop shop for online security.

Why do Computer Care like Fortinet?

Fortinet’s unified threat management simplifies cybersecurity across wired and wireless infrastructures, it can be managed via the cloud by a single console for all components and can expand with your business as it grows, and threats evolve. Not only this, but it simplifies your infrastructure and offers the strongest performance for price on the market, saving you time and money, both of which are vital for any business – now more than ever!

Fortinet’s Fortigate also offers top-rated security, with more than 20 independent validations from trusted testers such as NSS Labs, AV Comparative and Virus Bulletin. With such high recommendations, we have full faith in the service.

Why do you need Fortigate?

Cyberattacks are on the rise, as we discussed in one of our previous blogs https://bit.ly/3QTYpJS it’s imperative to ensure your business is protected. With many organisations operating remotely, diversifying the way we work and digitalising their processes accordingly leave them more vulnerable to attacks. Which is why it is essential to ensure businesses of all sizes have the highest level of protection. It is far better to prevent and attack than to try and recover your business from the ashes after a criminal has taken your data – even if you have cyber insurance.

Managing the level of IT security necessary to combat online threats can be complex and time-consuming – using a top-class unified threat management solution such as Fortigate from Fortinet will unify your threat protection into a single panel. Insights can then be made by our dedicated security team and corrective actions be taken before a threat becomes a breach. This, in turn, gives you the peace of mind that your business is secured from threats and allows you more time to focus on the task at hand.

If you’re looking for a simplified application to manage your cybersecurity and think Fortinet’s unified threat protection could be a good fit for your business, read more on our website https://bit.ly/3QwBqVn or call Computer Care on 02036274403.

If you would like a 30-minute meeting with one of our security experts, drop us a line at security@computerc.co.uk.

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