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Delivering a Modern Connected Experience


Computer Care Case Study – In partnership with The Gilbert & George Centre

Delivering a modern, connected experience whilst keeping technology behind the scenes.


The Gilbert & George Centre was originally established as a registered charity by the artist in 2009 with the objective to advance the education of the public in the arts, and generally to advance the arts, architecture, heritage, and culture for the benefit of the public especially but not exclusively by the preservation, after the deaths of George & Gilbert, of the properties in Fournier Street occupied by them and the collections, archives and works of art created by them.

In the words of the artist, “London is such a changing global population every day, and if somebody comes from Venezuela or from Wolverhampton, there will be a place in London where they can see our pictures, and for everyone to convene from across the world to see the art of Gilbert & George.”

–        Credit – the Gilbert & George Centre website

A Wi-Fi system for a new Gallery

The charity had acquired a 19th century brewery building in Heneage Street close to the artist’s home and had undertaken to create a gallery space capable of exhibiting the works of Gilbert & George.
Computer Care were engaged initially with a view of how they could help with the connectivity on the project.  Designing, planning, and commissioning a Wi-Fi system to remain invisible but to enable every location to have excellent coverage, whilst working with the building contractor to ensure the devices were installed correctly.

Initial Customer Requirements (Business Plan)

In the initial consultation of this project Simon Pardo met with Nigel Fox and Daniel Saward to discuss the Centre, along with how it will function and how customers will interact with the different parts of the business.
As part of this initial meeting, Computer Care were engaged further to help develop the best way to sell goods online and instore (helping with vendor selection) and to provide some consultation on the best way to deliver services over public Wi-Fi.

Success Criteria

Understanding the direction of the gallery and ensuring that the IT systems were able to deliver against this.
Excellent coverage of Wi-Fi withing the building with no visible Wi-Fi points or equipment.


Designing a Wi-Fi system is a simple process for a modern building, there are software tools we use to determine coverage and ideal access point locations.  However, in this situation, the existing building was being heavily modernised with significant changes.  Our main challenge was ensuring that all Wi-Fi equipment was hidden – hiding the access point in the smaller gallery, which has an exposed beam roof, required some creative thinking and forward planning.

Our Solution

We used Forti-APs and Forti-Switches to deliver connectivity.  The majority of the units were internal AP’s, however where the roof had the exposed beams we were unable to locate either cabling or the physical access point.
When we looked at the plans and discussed them with Nigel, we determined that there were some windows in the current building which would be covered and become voids in the wall when finished.  Knowing the Fortinet products well, we specified that we could place some plenum antennas with an external grade (because it has external antenna ports) into the wall voids.  We had to source longer cables to spread the antenna across the wall and present a good signal across the whole room.
Once installed, we tuned the Wi-Fi frequencies and signal strength to ensure that devices were always connected to the best access point with the best signal.

Implementation Process for Client Success

9 step process for success:

1.     Fact finding
2.     Project definition
3.     Scope of Works
4.     Technical build
5.     User Acceptance Testing
6.     Implementation
7.     Go-live
8.     Project documentation and sign off
9.     Post implementation support


The Gilbert & George Centre now has reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout the building ensuring that guests can not only use online services, but also order merchandise from the online store that can be collected at the shop before they leave.

Customer Comment

We are very pleased with the end result which achieves all our initial objectives. The consultation process was very smooth and, most importantly, constructive two-way dialogue. A major win was that the equipment could be ordered in advance meaning we had no supply chain issues when the fabric of the building was ready for the installation. All the operatives we worked with through the installation and the early teething issues were knowledgeable and helpful leaving us with a solution that works well.

We are happy to continue to work with Computer Care across the business and always glad of their friendly input on a wide spectrum of IT matters from telephony to broadband provision as well as maintaining our equipment. One of the more valuable inputs after the initial project has been the implementation of a secure VPN that can allow some of our external M&E service partners to access certain parts of our systems whilst not exposing any other parts of our business.


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