Phishing Training

Are your staff security aware?

Our security education and awareness testing will assess the susceptibility of your most vulnerable asset – your staff.

Assessing your staff’s resilience to malicious social engineering tactics and checking their ability to spot phishing attempts.

What does this service do for my business?

Identifies any potential security leaks in your workforce.

Social engineering exploits weaknesses in your staff to divulge secure information.

Our education and awareness service reduces the threat by:

  • Teaching your staff about the tactics used to exploit them.
  • Carrying out social engineering attacks to test staff response.
  • Targeting your staff with phishing exercises to test protocols.

Why do I need this service?

Enables you to identify vulnerabilities in your workforce and help you to protect your business.

No matter how secure your IT is, the chain will break if there is a weakness in your staff that can be exploited to gather key security information or carry out criminal activities.

Through misplaced trust, ignorance, fear, moral obligation or greed, employees can be convinced to carry out actions that can severely compromise your IT security.

By replicating the sort of approaches that criminals will use to penetrate your organisation, we can identify vulnerabilities in your workforce and help you to plug the gaps before it’s too late.

How is this service delivered?

We will inspect the security culture in the office, testing for adherence to policy and common sense.

By targeting your staff with generic phishing emails and more targeted spear and whale phishing exercises, we see if we can trick them into revealing secure information and even authorising payments.

We will try various approaches to exploit the weaknesses mentioned above and will supply a report with our findings, setting out any vulnerabilities that we find and offering potential resolutions.

We can then run through the report with you, if desired.

What are the added benefits?

More aware, vigilant and confident employees, who can spot malicious threats and deal with them.





Investing in our cybersecurity solutions is the smartest decision you can make to protect the future of your business.

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