Internal Penetration Testing

Because employees aren’t always dependable!

The biggest threat to IT security comes from within.

Employees have privileged access within your systems and that presents a threat, whether intentional or accidental.

An Internal Penetration Test will reveal how well your security protects against such a threat.

What does this service do for my business?

Identifies any potential internal vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.

Once any weaknesses or vulnerabilities are discovered, a remedial plan can be put together to harden the security of your IT infrastructure.

This will increase your IT security and minimise the risk of a data breach.

Why do I need this service?

To see how well your IT security stands up to a malicious internal attack or carelessness.

Your authorised users pose the biggest threat to your data security because of their access privileges, including physical access to your premises.

Whether by accident or malicious intent, they are the most likely cause of data being lost, damaged or accessed by external criminals.

So, it’s important that your internal security offers robust protection against both malice and carelessness.

How is this service delivered?

Assessing if your systems can be compromised by internal attacks or carelessness.

An Internal Penetration Test investigates the extent to which a disgruntled or badly trained employee can compromise your systems.

It will:

  • Try to compromise your servers. We will do everything we can to bypass your security, looking out for potential banana skins, such as poor configuration, poorly assigned privileges and out-of-date patching levels.
  • Help to identify resources that are internally vulnerable.
  • Enable you to plug the gaps before it’s too late.

What are the added benefits?

Internal Penetration Tests can be used to test staff responses and help formulate a strategy to deal with one in the future, should it occur.

All Internal Penetration Tests are carried out in strict confidence and although present a greater risk to servers, all efforts are made to minimise the risk.

Investing in our cybersecurity solutions is the smartest decision you can make to protect the future of your business.

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