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Are You Getting a Great IT Service?


Do you feel like you’re in safe hands? Do you receive help the same day you call in a problem? Do you feel like your IT service provider really knows your business and equipment?

If you answered no or aren’t sure about the answer to these questions, then chances are, you’re not getting a great IT service. We’ve taken the time to really think about how best to provide for our customers by thinking about what a good service is, and what isn’t. So, we thought we would pass our research on to you. Below we have listed what we feel makes a great IT service provider, and if you think you’re not getting that with your current provider, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

1.     Know your product – we all know that if you’re selling a product or providing a service then you need to know what you’re talking about. Right? Yet there are so many providers out there that only know the basics. This means that when there’s a problem, they may struggle to resolve it or know how to fix it. It is so important for your service provider to know your equipment and how it serves your business. If they can’t look after it, how are they looking after you and your organisation?

2.     Listen to your customer’s needs – Our teachers always told us to ‘use our listening ears’ and this rings true even today. If your provider isn’t taking your needs into account, then they’re not providing the service you need! When a service is specific to your needs, it becomes more cost effective, for both you and your IT service provider.

3.     Respond quickly – to us this seems an obvious one. To run a successful business the majority of us rely on our IT equipment, and sometimes that equipment fails us (usually at the most inopportune time!), so we need help, FAST. If you’re sat on hold or can’t get anyone to help you for days, in our eyes, that is a failed service.

4.     Be proactive – rather than waiting for something to happen, a good service provider will offer full remote support and ensure your anti-virus is up to date and your networks are cyber-secure.

5.     Offer a personalised service – not everyone is the same and not all businesses are alike. If your provider only offers one package, or expects one size to fit all, then chances are they’re not tailoring their service to fit your business needs.

We’ve spent over 20 years honing our customer service skills and checking in on ourselves to evaluate how we’re serving our customers, and what we can do to ensure we’re providing a great IT service. We appreciate these aren’t the be all and end all for a great service, but they’re a good place to start!

If you feel you’re not getting the service you need and deserve, get in touch and let us show you how it’s done.

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