Feb 27, 2023 | Cybersecurity

3 Cyber Security Tips That Will Help Protect Your Business Without Breaking The Bank


For too long, many small and medium businesses have overlooked the importance of cyber security; and, despite the increase in threats, with an impending economic recession, it is likely that this attitude won’t change. However, the growing volume and complexity of cyber threats makes it inadvisable to allow cyber security to continue taking a back seat, especially when businesses and jobs are at stake.

Fortunately, having a secure IT infrastructure does not have to be expensive or require an entire team of specialists. Here are three easy ways to reduce the risk of being hacked without breaking the bank.

1. Your People are your greatest asset, and also your weakest link

Employees are the first line of defence against cyber threats – and at the same time, can be the greatest source of security breaches. Therefore, it’s crucial to properly educate them about cybersecurity best practices such as recognising malicious emails, setting strong passwords (we’ve written a whole other blog on MFA and the importance of it http://bit.ly/3Ie11P7 ), and using a VPN when using public Wi-Fi.

Though many firms offer a one-time cyber security training program when onboarding new employees, things are ever-changing in the online security world – so frequent reminders and more advanced trainings should also be included. This way, your staff will be aware of the latest threats hackers might bring, how to spot the latest social engineering trends and therefore be better prepared, if a security incident occurs.

2. Always be updating your cyber security

Staying ahead of the latest malicious threats is paramount for keeping our systems and data secure. In early 2022, Apple made an urgent announcement that a serious vulnerability in its products—iOS, iPadOS, and macOS—was being actively exploited by cyber criminals. Luckily, the tech giant quickly released a security patch to mitigate the risk posed by this cyber security exploit. However, many people didn’t take the time to update their devices, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to cyber attacks. To keep up with the determined efforts of malicious actors, regular patching to maximise application security is one of the best ways organisations can protect themselves and their precious data from an unexpected data breach.

Keep an eye on all your systems for new updates – it’s imperative you act on these to stay secure from a potential cyber security threat.

3. Be smart about the cyber security tools you use

When it comes to shielding yourself from the full range of cybersecurity threats, there is no single answer. To develop a comprehensive cyber security strategy, you’ll need to use multiple cyber safety measures and choose your network security solutions carefully. With budget considerations in mind, it’s important to exercise caution in which tools you decide to bring on board. The best path forward is to do thorough research and select the set of solutions that meets your needs, while complying with industry regulations. Three particularly crucial security solutions for any business include unified endpoint management (UEM), extended detection and response (XDR), and zero-trust network access (ZTNA). To ensure maximum efficiency, pick options that boast APIs and interconnections between them. Doing so will allow for easy, centralised administration and streamlined processes – eliminating the need for an expanded personnel. Investing in the right security measures can make a world of difference in keeping your organisation secure from a cyber attack and avoiding a data breach, denial-of-service attack or ransomware attack.

If you’re concerned about your cyber security, get in touch with one of our team for an IT Assessment.

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